Task 9 – Free Software

The 5 free applications I have used are:

VLC Media Player – The codecs are pre-installed so you don’t have to worry if a specific format will work or not. You can organize your  own playlist and you are can also transfer media files from your computer to your media player without any difficulty.

Eclipse – It is a very powerful Java compiler, but it supports also other programming languages such as C,C++, Ruby, Perl. Also another important feature is the completion code tool allowing the programmer to work more efficiently.

Povray – it is a high quality tool to create three-dimensional graphics

OpenOffice –  it is a multi-platform office productivity suite. It offers applications such as word processor , psreadsheet, presentation manager,etc. It is available for a various of platforms (Windows, Mac,Linux,etc).

7-zip –  it is a good file archiver and also a good replacement for the non- free WinRAR.


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