Task 5 – Replacing the middle man

The new economy  – the “middle man”

Nowadays, the Internet has a major role in the world economy. Its importance has increased since it was developed. The Internet  is the best for  those people unknown who want to make their name famous such as writers , musicians , artists. Through Internet each type of this people can share their work to their audiences.

The process of providing this work to the other people is realised by the so-called “middle man”(the publishers, distributors). An example of a system of this type is Ebay. Ebay was invented by Pierre Omidyar in 1995. Every man can sell or buy any kind of products on Ebay. One characteristics which make it different from other systems of similar type such as Amazon is that seller can organize auctions and any users can bid to buy specific product. Is a trustful system where every user is checked before registering.


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