IT Toolbox 1 – task 2

Social accounts

The most important thing for people to do in order to have a  pleasant and peaceful life is to meet new people, to know about different cultures, in other words to SOCIALISE. The nature of socialising stands within the nature of every human and therefore the interaction between two men is inevitable.

Nowadays the interaction face-to-face is no longer needed for two people to know each other. This fact is possible because of  the existence of , not few, social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and so on. Even though, by using more and more these networks, we tend to meet less people in the real life, we can know about far more people than using only the ” old fashioned ” interaction face-to-face.

You can learn a lot about a certain person only by having a look to his/her profile. I also hold a Facebook account. When you look at my account you can see a lot of information regarding myself such as: the place where i was born, which is my ocupation, where I am living. I also have shared information at my profile concerning my sport preferences such as favorite teams or favorite athletes. By looking at my profile you can find what are my favourite books, movies or TV shows as well. Other things which can be found is my contact information.

My best friend is Alex, lives in Romania and holds a Facebook account as well. Looking at his account you can find out information  about his education and also about the places where he has studied or lived. I can also see when he was born, his genre information, his religion views as well as the languages which he is able to speak. On his favourites page we can see that he added ‘comedy’  as his favourite type of movie, we can also see that is favourite athlete is a basketball player while his favourite sport is basketball which may suggest that he is a athletic person.

To sum up, this Facebook account describes my friend as he is in reality.


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